Black Madonna Cloister (Czestochowa) - Tour from Cracow

Częstochowa Tours

Czestochowa tours from Krakow.Częstochowa is situated in the Krakowsko-Częstochowska Upland. The city has about 255 000 inhabitants and its main attraction is the Jasna Góra Monastery with the painting of Black Madonna of Czestochowa that is kept there. The monastery is a main centre for pilgrimage in Poland, visited every year by thousands of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Because of that Czestochowa is considered to be the spiritual capital of Poland.

The beginnings of the monastery date back to 14th century, when it was founded by the Prince Wladyslaw Opolczyk. The special meaning of this place for the Polish people started during the Swedish invasion in 1655, when the monastery was made a fortress - a place of the resistance during the siege of the city by the Swedish army. The defense of Jasna Góra was a triumph that had mainly spiritual and symbolic character.

Day trips from Krakow to The Black Madonna Cloister (Czestochowa)
The price in EURO per person includes:

  • transfer there and back in a modern, air-conditioned car,
  • pick up from your hotel or any other place,
  • insurance
  • fuel price, parking fees
  • professional services of licensed transport company –

The price does not include:

  • a guide
  • a fee for entering

Duration of the trip: about 10 hours
Type of the trip: trip for minimum 2 person and maximum of 49 people

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